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Vegeta's gameplay for Legendary (X360)

Vegeta earned achievements in Legendary

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Vegeta said...
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Unlocked 7 Achievements:

"Axe-Wielding Maniac":
Killed 25 enemies with the Fire Axe in Single Player

"I Have A Problem With Intimacy":
Used the Animus Pulse ability 10 times

Completed Episode 1

"Death To Soda":
Created a ramp with the soda machine using your pistol in Episode 1

"Heeeeeere's Deckard"!:
Chopped your way out of the Internet Café with the Fire Axe in Episode 1

"Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey":
Extinguished the doorway fire using the water valve in Episode 1

"You Call This Security?":
Bypassed the electronic lock in Episode 1

Legendary (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 04/NOV/08
+30 points
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How do you like this game? It didn't get very good reviews, but I had fun playing it, I hope they make the sequel.
Well I've only had time to complete Episode 1 atm, but so far I have to see it seems like a great game. The difficulty is just right, and the first Episode was well done in terms of having that apocalyptic feel to it and watching the swooping griffins terrorize the average populace of NY.

I could see why this game would get some negative reviews, especially when you compare it to what people consider the top of the line FPS type games, (because this game does have some graphic issues, and NPC-pathing issues, as well as weird slide-show transitions and explanations for the story).

However if you didn't compare the game to others and just rated it based on itself, it is a great game and best of all. It is simply FUN. I plan on playing this game to the end, as I like the entire "absorbing" thing with the hand, being able to use it in a quick like pulse fashion, and shooting the regenerating werewolves.

This game is actually my girlfriend's, and she bought it "cause the box looked cool", and I only recently started playing it and I recommend it to anyone who has the ability to enjoy a single player campaign. I mean multi-player in games matter, but you still have to have the ability to enjoy a nice story-driven campaign from time to time in my opinion.
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